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April 15, 2013
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Create your own lineart/base kit! PSD, PNG, JPG. by MissPinks Create your own lineart/base kit! PSD, PNG, JPG. by MissPinks
:star: NEW ARTWORK :star:


EDIT: yay a DD thankyou so much ^PirateLotus-Stock ! this is a great mood bringer to help me with my last assignments before i finish my course tomorrow :"D


the png and msp file might be a bit harder to understand without the layer names (eg where the tails go and what tails they are etc). Though i updated it with a better version, the MSP version might be a bit scratchy, let me know if theres any major problems)

Check out this lineart in action!:
Join my adoptables group! :iconanimeadoptables:

More resources! Today i decided to create a new base/lineart kit!
This kit includes heaps of resources you can use to make your own bases for your characters, adopts, whatever. I was asking on my facebook page for any suggestions for the kit but since its relatively new, i didnt get many answers. Follow me on FB to keep up with stuff like this, have an input, and recieve special deals on commissions and prizes : D
This kit does not include clothes (aside from some accessories), so you will have to draw your own. sorry!
Anyone can use this, but please read the rules below before you download!

This file is a PSD. document about 20mb and larger than A3. It has 122 resources including:

head and body (including legs)
8 different arms
7 sets of eyes
3 noses
14 mouths
11 ears
13 hairstyles
6 sets of horns
5 sets of eyebrows
14 tails
9 wings
5 feet
1 skin pallete
24 bonus extras

how to use:
-open the document.
-create a new document and drag and drop the body you want into that document.
-drag and drop the peices you want into the new document
-place the peices in the places you want them
-erase any overlapping lines you dont want from the seperate layers (dont forget to erase the lines where the arms join to the body)
-merge all the line layers together.
-draw any extras you want like clothes and such on another layer and merge that too.
-create a layer beneath them and colour away!
(the layers are all named just in case you cant tell what somthing is
everything is in folders are some are grouped in a big pile so if you want to view them easy just hide everything and then show them one by one to see them.

PS. I do not recommend scaling until after you are finished or the peices wont all fit together! Optimum doc size is A4 to fit the fullbody character in

Q: I can't move things separately?
A: If this is the case it is because you are using the psd file that has folders.
you can turn off "auto select" with the mover tool and select the right layer and it should work.
but i suggests making a new A4 document and just dragging the stuff you want in there so you can keep using the original file c:

:bulletgreen:rules and tips:bulletgreen:
:bulletred:DO NOT use individual drawings from this kit for other artworks. (all layers and artwork must stay within this kit)
:bulletred:DO NOT Redistribute/upload this kit anywhere
:bulletred:DO NOT Sell adopts made from this kit for real money
:bulletred:DO NOT Claim as your own.

-I do not recommend scaling until after you are finished or the peices wont all fit together! Optimum doc size is A4 to fit the fullbody character in
-This base kit is androgynous, you can use it for male or female characters : D
-please credit me in the artist comments with a namelink : dev misspinks : (without the spaces)
-you can only use this to make your own images or free/draw to adopt, or adopts for points. (no cash adopts please)
-this is free to use however if you make points from it, it would be really nice to give me a point donation (which encourages me to make more resources and update this one with new bits! ;u ; )
-you can mix and match arms/ears/eyes anything :)
-you can edit the base if you want to but you still have to credit me
-You can put things anywhere you want (some things fit in two places well, like the wings)
-please let me know if you used it, and feel free to share a link in the comments!

:bulletblack: known issues to be fixed soon
-Some of the hairstyles have gaps. They are easy enough to fix up but i will fix it myself soon in the main file
-Antlers aren't in a folder
-feather wings are on 33% opacity
- needs more eyes and noses
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Daily Deviation

Given 2013-06-19
A great kit of pieces to make your own character base! MissPinks even allows adoptables to be made using her kit. Multiple filetypes available to fit the image editing program you have. Download it and try it for yourself! Create your own lineart/base kit! PSD, PNG, JPG. by =MissPinks ( Featured by PirateLotus-Stock )
YleniaAdoptable Mar 9, 2014  New member Student Digital Artist
will use it xD
Cuties-Adoptables Feb 27, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
May I say I'm in love with you for creating this base. ou0
MissPinks Mar 9, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
wooo! hope you find it useful 8D
Jade-Nightfeather Feb 16, 2014  Professional Writer
wow, a base base XD
MissPinks Mar 9, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
haha! i didnt think of that way but you're right xD
Jade-Nightfeather Mar 9, 2014  Professional Writer
D3M0N-L0V3-B1T3S Feb 7, 2014  Student General Artist
fff- I forgot to link back cause of my terrible memory I'm so sorry Dx //hides
Here… I had a really fun time creating her with this cute base ;w; Thank you so much for making it!! ^^
Eruvellas Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Used here!~
 Loved this. Thank you so much! 
MissPinks Jan 22, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
oo its adorable! and i love that it's a guy hehehe :heart: thanks so much for sharing it here :hug:
Eruvellas Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much! It really helped, since I'm just learning the basics of digital art. I have yet to buy a tablet, so your lineart was fantastic! Thanks again! :iconlovesplz: :iconchuplz: And I'm already working on another one~ I'll link again when it's done! 
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